How does the Code Qube work?

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To start with the Code Qube, you can sign up here for a workshop. If we have received the registration we will, if desired, arrange a demo on location. In consultation with you, we determine the date, number of students, the duration and cost of the workshop. Once the workshop starts, all the necessary items for the workshop will be supplied. You only need to provide the Wi-Fi for use of the tablets. The Code Qube curriculum consists of five different training sessions, the first of which will consist of a workshop on location.


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Various accounts are made available for a Code Qube workshop. Every teacher will have his own teachers account to manage the progress and accounts of the students. In this account, teachers can take a look at the curriculum and start building their own website. In addition, students will get a group account for group activities during the course. Within this group account, each student creates a personal account. This personal account can be used to work on the website individually after the Code Qube workshop. Full licenses are valid for one year. An introductory license is valid for a month.


The Code Qube is developed on the basis of 21st century skills. In addition, a unique teaching method was established which operates on the principle “looking, recognising and applying.” On the basis of this principle, the students get started with programming a website using HTML and CSS programming languages. Using a tablet, students start with the web application in which codes are introduced through games, quizzes, images and videos. They then reconstruct the codes on the HTML and CSS sides of the Code Qube with the code magnets. During the last step, these codes are entered on a second tablet to see if the programmed code actually works. This way, students will be capable of independently building their own website within 30 minutes.

Through a URL, the website can then be shared online with friends and family.


The Code Qube workshop consists of five sessions. During these five sessions, students will be guided in creating a website step by step. The students will complete work independently, so the teacher will not need any programming expertise. By using assignments that boost creativity and experimentation, the students will work towards a realistic goal: creating a website. The website will include such things as text, images and links. On average, students will need 1.5 hours to complete an assignment.

Through a student monitoring system, the system keeps track of every student’s progress. This allows each group of students to proceed through the curriculum on its own level. Each level played in the curriculum covers a different aspect of programming. This way, the levels become increasingly difficult.

Content of the training sessions
Session 1:
Basics of programming. An introduction in web design, HTML and CSS.
Session 2: Getting started with the placement of text on the website and a focus on colour.
Session 3: An image is added to the website.
Session 4: Experimental assignment in which students can choose elements to add to the website.
Session 5: Presentation class. Students present the website and provide feedback to each other.

After the Code Qube

After the Code Qube workshop, students are able to program a simple website independently with the programming languages HTML and CSS. Using the individual account, students can continue working on the website at home or on a school computer/tablet. They can start with the code of the group’s website or build their own website from the ground up.

For training ideas we have assignment cards. These contain all kinds of cross-curricular assignments that can be made with the Code Qube software.

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Prices Code Qube rent

€14,95 €16,95 €19,95
Primary education Secondary education Other institutions
Curriculum of 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each Curriculum of 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each Curriculum of 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each
1 year access to software ** 1 year access to software ** 1 year access to software **
Free teachers account Free teachers account Also suitable for teacher training students
1.5 hours of free assistance 1.5 hours of free assistance 2 hours of free assistance
Free student tracking system Free student tracking system Available for lending to place of internship
Solution cards for teachers Solution cards for teachers Solution cards for teachers
Support through email Support through email Support through email
Certificate Certificate Certificate
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