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The Code Qube workshop consists of five levels of about 1.5 hours each. By using assignments that boost creativity and experimentation, the students will work towards creating a basic website.

The basis

Level one focuses on the basis of building a website. Students are introduced to the programming behind a website, the creation of a web design and the structure of HTML and CSS. In addition, the students get started typing code in the code editor.


Level two focuses on text. Attention is paid to fonts, colours and links. Students learn to add these elements within the HTML and CSS structure. Text is very important on a website. Therefore, students will not only work with programming for text, but also with devising a good text. This text will consist of a title, followed by a division in paragraphs.


Level three deals with images/graphics. Here, the students are introduced to image extensions, edges with rounded corners and image positioning. At the end of the level, the students are independently able to add one or more image to the website.


In level four, all experience gained is brought together and the students can experiment with programming. They can choose a level that will be addressed in class. These levels include: lists, hovers and programming quizzes. The main levels are further divided by level. An easy assignment has one star and a difficult five. This way, students can decide which assignment they want to do. Students can also do these experimental assignments at home.


In the final level, students will review the websites of other students. When the websites are shown on a large smartboard, it is super cool for students to talk about the website that has been programmed. On the basis of questions in the curriculum, the students will prepare the presentation. By means of a grading system, other students can evaluate the presented website with grades.


Interested in a workshop with the Code Qube? We gladly drop by for a demo. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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